17 and angry how predictably Boring

Well spoke too soon never ever forever I don’t know what kind of evil u think I am and who is ur.confidence but I really wish I did as ur.mum did and replaced u left u to be the nightmare u have become

In saying that it’s not to be mean u just seem to have vanished

A fine line of what I feel between a rat on a wheel or a dog Chasing a tail but what I do know is in scrutinizing my life yours has not done the expectation that was I live u don’t know what life is yes I drink I gamble and I love my life people envy my life as much as some would

On travel again feels like a full.circle back to foster hope to enjoy the wave this time rather than my sanity frayed to the point of held down and needled smart ass

So true to young to understand the real of the situation hearing it from me just makes me sound bitter which is not right either a tricky spot but ur putting me thru hell which is at a level that I feel is not justified reality is she fucked us all over

Game over

Im so close to wiping u as an asshole

an idiot who knows everything good for u ur mum is a slut who put me thru hell now ur hope u feel clever idiot

U have nothing I want other than friendship wake up